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The Wyld Stallyn Inn

After playing a few games of Empire in Flames/Mordheim I realized that the buildings and scenery I made for WFB wasn’t as interactive as I wanted. So I started creating a few buildings that models could actually move around and fight inside of. The first one I started working on was a dilapidated Bretonnian inn that was perhaps the target of an orc raid. I used ½” Styrofoam pieces for the majority of the structure as well as the base that the building stands on. I got them for free from work but they can be a little warped so in the future I may shell out some cash for actual modeling foam. After the basic walls were erected I cut up a lot of cereal boxes and other bits of cardstock for planks, roofing tiles and trim. For the balcony I used some balsa wood that I had purchased for fences. I took chunks out here and there with a razor blade to give it a distressed and worn look. The final step in construction is always my favorite. Going through my bits box and finding the little things that really bring a piece of terrain to life. Old horse heads to act as statues, shields, a treasure chest, an over turned table with a book laying nearby. 203 The final step was to paint large portions of the house with watered down PVA (Elmers glue) and chuck handfuls of dirt from the yard on to give it some texture. Then I primed the whole thing black and waited for that to dry before touching up any places that the spray missed with a watered down black paint. The paint job was quick and dirty. After base coating the entire building I began working on the wooden balcony and trim. I used an old, course brush lightly dipped in paint to quickly give the beams and planking some wood grain. Lots of dry brushing helped to give some definition to the rest of the house. For the final touches I flocked the base, added some ivy/moss to one side with clump foliage. I also printed out a few Mordheim posters I found online for added character and glued them on one side with PVA. After spending a month in Prague last fall I really fell in love with bohemian livery so I chose a few of my favorite coats of arms to decorate the front. 218217220219221

I still need to make a few ladders so models can access the top floors but I’m pleased with how it turned out. I have also started working on a tower, a well, a ruined dwarf smithy and a spooky graveyard. I hope to have pictures of some of those up soon!


Warhammer Skirmish: A Waaagh! in the Woods

Despite having my girlfriends’ cousins in town this past week, I still had the opportunity to squeeze in some hobby time. I only had a couple of hours on Saturday morning free to game, but that was the perfect opportunity for John to test out his newly painted Greatswords.

Veteran preceptor Fritz Von Gorstein, is a storied knight, who rode with Kurt Helborg at the battle of The Cider Groves. This was an incredibly bloody fray, where a great hoard of orcs were defeated, although the empire suffered incredible losses. In fact Only Kurt, Fritz, Fritzs’ minstrel, and his standard bearer walked away from the battle. Upon returning to Altdorf, Fritz and his comrades had met up with Otto Stienerbocken and the 16th Nulnic Greatswords. After a brief period of rest, the group embarked on a quest to capture a griffin that escaped from the Imperial Zoo. They followed the Teufel River until they reached the foothills of the Grey Mountains. It was here, in a small clearing surrounded by pine trees, that the brave men of the Empire heard a blaring hunting horn.

The forces were as follows:

2 Empire Knights
4 Great Swords
1 Preceptor
1 Counts Champion
10 Orc Boyz
1 Orc Big Un
1 Orc Boar Boy Boss

IMG_1708.JPGThe orcs burst through the trees, and began charging across the meadow toward the men.

IMG_1716-0.JPGFritz lowered his lance, and with great shout of “For the emperor!” charged the nearest orc. His lance connected, throwing the orc to the ground.

The orcs enveloped the knights, as the clash of steel rang out. In the swirling melee Fritz found himself facing off against the biggest orc he had ever seen.

On the other side of the meadow a hulking orc made a leap at Otto. Easily sidestepping the clumsy attack, Otto swung his sword, it bit deep into the orcs’ thigh, causing it to the fall to the ground.

Fritz brought his sword down In a lightning fast arc. At the last second the orc deflected the blow with its’ shield. The orcs’ crude blade lashed out, but missed its mark. To his left, an orc was run through. On his right an orc was kicked in the head by a warhorse. The horses’ rider was thrown from his saddle by the animals’ frantic bucking.

Otto drove his sword through the orcs’ back as it struggled to stand. The other Greatswords closed with the orcs, neither side was able to land a blow.

A massive boar tore out of the under growth, the battle crazed orc riding atop swung his spear wildly, nearly slicing a Greatsword in half. The lucky trooper was only saved by his finely crafted full plate.

IMG_1726.JPGFritz parried a heavy blow from the massive orc. The impact caused his arm to go numb. Mustering all his strength, he brought his sword up beneath the creatures chin, slicing its’ face in half. Even as the orc fell, more orcs piled in around the knights. For a moment it looked like they would be drown in a tide of green muscles and steel. Sigmar answered their prayers, and no less than three of the foul brutes were killed.

IMG_1725-0.JPGMore orcs battered the greatswords. Odwin, the banner bearer, and Dietrich were knocked unconscious.

IMG_1733.JPGOtto rushed at the orc riding the boar. His blade hit the orcs’ shoulder, causing it to tumble from its’ mount.

IMG_1741.JPGFritz and his companions made short work of the remaining orcs and turned to face the orcs battling with Otto and the greatswords.

IMG_1750.JPGThe orc boss is butchered, his thick, black blood pooling around him.

IMG_1753.JPGOttos’ blade swung at the orc, causing it to throw itself to the ground to avoid the blow. Staggering to its’ feet, the orc bellowed defiantly. Fritz noticed the orcs’ fatigue, and swiftly closed with the beast. The orc barely had time to turn its head to face this new threat before it was impaled by the preceptors’ lance.
Fritz kicked the lifeless corpse from of his lance. Glaring at Otto he said “Your days at fencing school are over boy. Learn to fight like a real man.”

Another fantastic game! Although I couldn’t drop a single human, it was great to see two fully painted forces square off. For a moment it looked like the knights would be overwhelmed, but the orcs just couldn’t get through that armor. These games move very fast, and are wonderful if you don’t have the time for a full scale battle. In the near future I hope to incorporate some skirmish games into a larger campaign I am working on. Thanks again to John, and to you for reading this.

Warhammer Skirmish: The Griffins’ Nest

John and I managed to get a few games of Warhammer Skirmish in on Saturday. We play very informally, no points values, we just throw down what looks good and makes sense for what ever back story we make up.

For this game we decided that a griffin had ransacked an isolated alpine dwarf mining camp. After destroying the black powder stores, and feasting on the dairy goat, the griffin found Freyja, the camp brew frau, and kidnapped her. Returning from a long day of mining, the dwarfs discovered the carnage, and worse, the brewmaster was missing! Around the same time, a wandering giant slayer named Lokki the Unlucky strolled into the decimated camp. Thrilled at the idea of meeting a glorious death, Lokki joined the rescue party. Enraged by the thought of impending sobriety, the dwarfs set out to slay the monster and rescue Freyja.

The forces were as follows:

1 Giant Slayer

1 Prospector

4 Miners

5 Crossbow Dwarfs


1 Imperial Griffin

IMG_1606.JPGThe dwarfs tracked down the beast at its’ nest. Lokki charged out ahead of the rest of the dwarfs, yelling oaths and curses as the griffin leaped into the air.

IMG_1608.JPGThe griffin dove at Lokki, ripping the dwarf apart in a spray of blood and gore.

IMG_1610.JPGThe miners rushed the distracted griffin, the crossbow dwarfs surrounded their quarry and began firing bolts at it.

IMG_1613.JPGProspector Thori swung his heavy pick, it made contact, slamming into the creatures’ chest. With a deafening screech the griffin flew into the air, the great gust of wind from its’ wings knocked two dwarfs to the ground. Crashing back to earth, two miners were caught in its’ crushing talons. Before the remaining miners had a chance to react, its’ claws ripped through their heavy mail, spilling more dwarf blood. Thori parried a strike, but his pick was wrenched from his hands, a second blow caught him in the head. He slumped to the ground in a crumpled heap.

IMG_1614.JPGWith all of the miners dead or bleeding out on the grass, the griffin focused its’ attention on the nearest crossbow dwarf, decapitating him with a snap of his beak.

IMG_1616.JPGTurning from its’ kill, the beasts’ eyes locked on Dorin. As the griffin flew at Dorin, a crossbow bolt caught the it under the wing. A spasm of pain shot through its’ body. The behemoth let out a ear piercing cry as it crashed into the earth, bowling over Dorin, and knocking the dwarf out cold.

IMG_1624.JPGTwo bolts slammed into the creatures flank. Shrieking and thrashing wildly, the beast flung the nearest dwarf, Gargrim, to the ground.

IMG_1625.JPGWith a sickening crunch Folki saw Gargrim crushed beneath the monstrosity. Folki raised his crossbow and fired a bolt. The monster reared as the shaft sank deep into its’ eye. Its’ death scream turned to a wheezing gurgle as it toppled to the ground.

Blood began pooling around its’ corpse as Folki made his way to the nest. The ground surrounding it was littered with bones and scraps of rotting flesh. The vile stench threatened to overwhelm him. Shouldering his weapon he peered over the edge, he could see the form of Freyja laying among the branches. Her golden hair was matted with blood, but he could see she was still breathing…

This game was a ton of fun. I really thought the griffin was going to take the day, as shot after shot failed to wound him. John was a great sport, allowing me to shoot at the griffin even when he was engaged in combat. The only catch being if a one was rolled to hit, the bolt hit one of the dwarfs instead. I just love close games like this. If that crossbow bolt had not wounded it, the griffin would have torn the last living dwarf to ribbons in the following turn. Grungni was with them this fight. Many thanks to John for bringing his imperial griffin model, and the hard cider.