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Imperial Life Wizard and Master Engineer

Many years ago John bought an Empire lot off of eBay for a great price. Many of the modles had a three color paint job, some were even base coated and dry brushed. However, the style was very 5th edition, goblin green bases with bright green flock. Quick and dirty. I decided it would be nice to give a few of his characters a face lift. 

The life wizard was painted to a decent standard, but it was a rather uninspired color scheme. Flat monotone browns and royal purple, without a hint of green. Not exactly the ideal look for a wizard who commands the raw forces of nature. I had just finished painting up a Wood Elf warband so I was already in the woodsy mood. Johns’ only request was a badger emblem somewhere on the model. Easy enough!  


The Engineers’ original paint job also left much to be desired. The base coat was sloppy and the only highlights came from heavy handed dry brushing. To make matters worse, he was painted in the bright green of Stirland. Why a backwater province like Stirland would have paid to equip this engineer with state of the art weaponry made very little sense to us. So in sticking with Johns’ Nuln theme I decided to paint him up in black and red livery.  



Urk Grund

Urk Grund, or “Orc Hammer” in the tongue of men, is over five centuries old. Inscribed with powerful magic runes, Urk Grund has kept watch over the mountain pass leading to Karak Hirn for the last two hundred years. Constructed in I.C. 2000 during the reign of King Mendol Garilsson, this stone thrower has destroyed countless enemies. Named for its performance at the battle of the Twisted Crags, Engineer Skalf Longpipe managed to land a stone directly on Warboss Gorak Blackclaw, turning the huge orc into a gruesome smear, and routing his army. Urk Grund is now under the command of Skalfs’ son, Master Engineer Flakki. He, along with Borri Brokkisson, have assumed leadership of a small force of miners and artillery bound for Grung Byrn with the hope of clearing a goblin infestation in the mines.






I was hoping to finish master engineer Flakki who accompanies the stone thrower, but instead here is a work in progress shot of him. I will complete him by the end of the weekend, as I told my friend John that I would paint his front rank of Empire Great Swords as a birthday gift and I need to get started on them.