Fall 2014 Campaign Part II

Scenario 1: Skirmish
Bacon and Heads
At sunrise a small group of dwarfs has gone out to collect fire wood. Unfortunately for them a roving band of wolf riders is out looking for breakfast.
Dwarf Forces: 6 Quarrelers with shields
Goblin Forces: 8 Goblin wolf riders with light armor, spears and short bows
The Battle Field: The battle field is 24”x24”, heavily wooded around the sides, with a clearing roughly 12”x12” in the center.
Deployment: The wolf Riders deploy touching their back edge of the table. The Quarrelers deploy touching their back edge of the table. Roll off to determine who goes first.

Dwarf: After defeating the greenskin scouts, the dwarfs have secured a solid source of timber. They can field two bolt throwers instead of one in the final battle. In addition one unit of quarrelers may be upgraded to rangers, and gain the foresters special rule.
Goblins: After a nutritious yet fatty meal of dwarf flesh, the wolf riders spend the day scouting the terrain. The goblin player may ambush up to two units of 5 wolf riders in the final battle.


Fall 2014 Campaign Part I

Over View
This Campaign is designed to tell the story of a clash between a goblin force from the Worlds Edge mountains and a string of dwarf mines in the region where the Grey and Black mountains meet. Each scenario will influence the type and amounts of troops and resources available in the final scenario.
General Campaign Rules
Rewards are gathered over the course of the campaign and will be used in the final battle. They will be added to the unit lists in Scenario 6.
Dwarf Ale:
Dwarfs: At the beginning of the final battle, before deployment, any number of dwarf infantry units (but not characters or war machines) may be given dwarf ale. The unit gains the Drunkenness special rule.
Goblins: If the goblin player is victorious in scenario 3 and/or 5 he may raid the dwarf ale stores. At the beginning of the final battle, before deployment, D3 goblin units (not characters or war machines) may be given dwarf ale. The unit gains the Drunkenness special rule.
The affected unit gains +1LD and Stubborn. At the beginning of your turn roll a D6, on a 6 the unit is feeling the full effects of the dwarf ale and counts as having failed a stupidity test.
Beginning on turn 2 roll a D6, on a 4+ the unit appears on any table edge the controlling player wishes. On turn 3 it will show up on a 3+, on turn 4 a 2+. The unit automatically enters the board on a random table edge on turn five, as the unit has obviously gotten lost.
Flanking force:
After both armies have deployed, any unit may be deployed along either of the short table sides, outside of the opposing players deployment zone, with its back rank touching the table edge. This unit can act normally on the first turn of the battle, i.e. charge, cast spells, shoot etc. note that the unit still must test for animosity or drunkenness as usual.

New Beginnings

Hello all,
It has been far too long since my last post. I have taken a break from the hobby over the holidays, and I am in the process of restructuring my priorities in life. The big announcement is that I am engaged! While this has nothing to do with Warhammer in general, it does mean that I won’t have as much time to dedicate to painting, modeling, and blogging as I did last year. I do have some work to do though. My fiancé brought me back a box of skeletons from her trip to the UK, and John bought me a box of Bretonnian Men-at-arms for Christmas. I managed to start clipping sprues the other night, but alas, my hobby drive is waning. However, all things considered, 2014 was a very productive year for me. Not quite as productive as I had hoped, but I am still proud of my progress. I had planned to paint four 1500pt armies, Dwarfs, Night Goblins, Orcs, and Bretonnians. I finished the Dwarfs and Night Goblins, and about a third of the Orcs. I finally built my gaming table, complete with forests, hills, walls, a cottage, a watchtower, and a swamp. I also started assembling a Wood Elf army and a Vampire Counts army.

Uncompleted 2014 Goals:
Paint Orc Army
Paint Bretonnian Army

My hobby goals for 2015 are as follows:
Reflock the game table with a brighter green flock
Build a River
Build a Small village
Finish painting the Orc army
Assemble all unassembled models I own
Sell the High Elf army and bulk out the Vampire Counts army with the profit
Start painting some of Johns’ rank and file Empire troops

That’s all for this post. I will leave you few pictures of me and my fiancé taken on New Years.


All Hallows

The month of October was epically productive as far as gaming is concerned. My girlfriend spent the entire month backpacking in Europe, and while I would have loved to have joined her it wasn’t in the cards this time. However this did give me a ton of free time to model, paint and play. I wrote a six game campaign, fought between the Night Goblin and Dwarf armies. I hope to get the scenarios posted in the upcoming weeks. John played as the stunties and I played as the Greenskins. After we finished that we started on a campaign he wrote. This time he took over control of the Goblins and I played his Empire. We have played quite a few games but it is ongoing. I wanted to do something Halloweenish so I picked up a box of zombies and some old pewter vampires for cheap on Ebay. I know some people don’t like the goofy GW zombies, but I love them. I didn’t quite get around to painting the whole regiment, I still have three left to do, but I am pleased with how they turned out. I am afraid to say that future posts maybe few and far between, as my phone crashes every time I try to open my WordPress app and my computer is subpar. Anyway here are some incredibly late Halloween photos. I hope you enjoy them.

IMG_2090 IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2094 IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2097

The Grung Byrn Relief Force

The dwarf mines at Grung Byrn stretch deep into the heart of the Grey Mountains. Founded over two millennia ago, when dwarf surveyors from the Worlds Edge Mountains discovered iron and copper here. It has supplied neighboring holds, chiefly Karak Izor and Karak Norn ever since. What had initially started as skirmishes between miners and night goblins in the spring of imperial year 2521, quickly escalated into intense tunnel fighting. The lower defenses fell in the summer of Imperial year 2521, after Thane Dorin Onehand was eaten by a particularly unpleasant cave squig. Goblin activity increased in the surrounding area, culminating in the Slaughter of Winters Teeth pass IC 2523, where a diplomatic caravan heading from Karak Hirn, to Karak Norn was ambushed. Only Alrik Ranulfssons’ niece, Bera Ghunnarsdottier,
managed to survive the bloodbath. Word of the massacre reached Karak Hirn, prompting King Alrik to send a military expedition to Grung Byrn. A score of miners headed by Borri Brokkisson and master engineer Flakki Skalfsson were sent to shore up the mines defenses in the summer of IC 2523.



Flakki Skalfsson
Mast Engineer 129pts
Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, Brace of Pistols
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Luck
Rune of Stone

photo 1

Borri Brokkisson
Thane Battle Standard Bearer (165pts)
Gromril Armor
Master Rune of Gromril,Rune of Furry ,
Rune of Cleaving ,Rune of Speed

photo 3

Sven Ironhaft
Runesmith (144pts)
Gromril Armor, Great Weapon
Rune of Spell Breaking x2,
Rune of Stone
Rune of Warding


photo 2

The Storm Clouds of Clan Wintersun

10 Thunderers (150pts)
Light Armor, Dwarf Handguns, Shields


The Hunters of Iron Crag Hills

10 Quarrelers (120pts)
Light Armor, Crossbows, Shields


Grung Byrn Miners
20 Warriors (225pts)
Heavy Armor, Great Weapons, Full Command


1 Bolt Thrower (60pts)
Light Armor, Engineer


1 Bolt Thrower (60pts)
Light Armor, Engineer


Urk Grund

Grudge Thrower (150pts)
Light Armor, Engineer, Brace of Pistols
Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating


The Grey Mountain Wanderers

10 Slayers (155pts)
7 Troll Slayers, 3 Giant Slayers



The Wings of Grungni
Gyrocopter (140pts)

Total: 1498pts

The Mine Tunnels at Grung Byrn

I have been painting like crazy in an effort to complete the dwarf army before October. This past week, as I was writing scenarios for the campaign I am working on, I thought to myself “How can I have dwarfs and night goblins fighting an entire campaign above ground?” I decided I had to take a break from painting bolt throwers and build some sort of underground terrain. I had a big piece of styrofoam laying around and it inspired me to make an underground skirmish board. It’s pretty quick and dirty but it will have to suffice for the time being. IMG_1882.JPG I started by cutting the outlines of the trenches with a sharp blade. Then I used my fingers to break out the majority of the styrofoam, and used the blade to smooth and shape the tops and sides of the walls. Next I smeared drywall plaster all over the inside and let it dry overnight. IMG_1889.JPG The next morning I cut some squares out of cereal boxes, one for the floor in the beer room, and one for the ramp to the upper level. I shaped some sticks to look like supports and stuck them all around along the walls. Next I painted watered down PVA over the entire piece to keep it from melting when I primed it. I used straight PVA along the ground and sprinkled a thick layer of dirt on to it. IMG_1919.JPG

After the glue was dry I primed the whole thing black and let that dry. I used an old blister pack as a pallet and mixed up a brown from red, yellow and blue craft paint. In another blister pack I mixed up a watered down dark grey and painted it on all over, then I added a few splotches of browns where I thought it looked good. I dry brushed a very light grey over this and let the colors blend together a bit. I made a table from the cereal box, and painted some old dwarf standards and glued them to the walls in the beer room. To finish it off I added a few mushrooms here and there, and glued on some flock to act as moss.






IMG_1935-0.JPG I hope to come back to this piece once I have a few more projects under control. I would love to add a few LEDs, maybe model them to look like torches.