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Imperial Life Wizard and Master Engineer

Many years ago John bought an Empire lot off of eBay for a great price. Many of the modles had a three color paint job, some were even base coated and dry brushed. However, the style was very 5th edition, goblin green bases with bright green flock. Quick and dirty. I decided it would be nice to give a few of his characters a face lift. 

The life wizard was painted to a decent standard, but it was a rather uninspired color scheme. Flat monotone browns and royal purple, without a hint of green. Not exactly the ideal look for a wizard who commands the raw forces of nature. I had just finished painting up a Wood Elf warband so I was already in the woodsy mood. Johns’ only request was a badger emblem somewhere on the model. Easy enough!  


The Engineers’ original paint job also left much to be desired. The base coat was sloppy and the only highlights came from heavy handed dry brushing. To make matters worse, he was painted in the bright green of Stirland. Why a backwater province like Stirland would have paid to equip this engineer with state of the art weaponry made very little sense to us. So in sticking with Johns’ Nuln theme I decided to paint him up in black and red livery.  



Warhammer Skirmish: A Waaagh! in the Woods

Despite having my girlfriends’ cousins in town this past week, I still had the opportunity to squeeze in some hobby time. I only had a couple of hours on Saturday morning free to game, but that was the perfect opportunity for John to test out his newly painted Greatswords.

Veteran preceptor Fritz Von Gorstein, is a storied knight, who rode with Kurt Helborg at the battle of The Cider Groves. This was an incredibly bloody fray, where a great hoard of orcs were defeated, although the empire suffered incredible losses. In fact Only Kurt, Fritz, Fritzs’ minstrel, and his standard bearer walked away from the battle. Upon returning to Altdorf, Fritz and his comrades had met up with Otto Stienerbocken and the 16th Nulnic Greatswords. After a brief period of rest, the group embarked on a quest to capture a griffin that escaped from the Imperial Zoo. They followed the Teufel River until they reached the foothills of the Grey Mountains. It was here, in a small clearing surrounded by pine trees, that the brave men of the Empire heard a blaring hunting horn.

The forces were as follows:

2 Empire Knights
4 Great Swords
1 Preceptor
1 Counts Champion
10 Orc Boyz
1 Orc Big Un
1 Orc Boar Boy Boss

IMG_1708.JPGThe orcs burst through the trees, and began charging across the meadow toward the men.

IMG_1716-0.JPGFritz lowered his lance, and with great shout of “For the emperor!” charged the nearest orc. His lance connected, throwing the orc to the ground.

The orcs enveloped the knights, as the clash of steel rang out. In the swirling melee Fritz found himself facing off against the biggest orc he had ever seen.

On the other side of the meadow a hulking orc made a leap at Otto. Easily sidestepping the clumsy attack, Otto swung his sword, it bit deep into the orcs’ thigh, causing it to the fall to the ground.

Fritz brought his sword down In a lightning fast arc. At the last second the orc deflected the blow with its’ shield. The orcs’ crude blade lashed out, but missed its mark. To his left, an orc was run through. On his right an orc was kicked in the head by a warhorse. The horses’ rider was thrown from his saddle by the animals’ frantic bucking.

Otto drove his sword through the orcs’ back as it struggled to stand. The other Greatswords closed with the orcs, neither side was able to land a blow.

A massive boar tore out of the under growth, the battle crazed orc riding atop swung his spear wildly, nearly slicing a Greatsword in half. The lucky trooper was only saved by his finely crafted full plate.

IMG_1726.JPGFritz parried a heavy blow from the massive orc. The impact caused his arm to go numb. Mustering all his strength, he brought his sword up beneath the creatures chin, slicing its’ face in half. Even as the orc fell, more orcs piled in around the knights. For a moment it looked like they would be drown in a tide of green muscles and steel. Sigmar answered their prayers, and no less than three of the foul brutes were killed.

IMG_1725-0.JPGMore orcs battered the greatswords. Odwin, the banner bearer, and Dietrich were knocked unconscious.

IMG_1733.JPGOtto rushed at the orc riding the boar. His blade hit the orcs’ shoulder, causing it to tumble from its’ mount.

IMG_1741.JPGFritz and his companions made short work of the remaining orcs and turned to face the orcs battling with Otto and the greatswords.

IMG_1750.JPGThe orc boss is butchered, his thick, black blood pooling around him.

IMG_1753.JPGOttos’ blade swung at the orc, causing it to throw itself to the ground to avoid the blow. Staggering to its’ feet, the orc bellowed defiantly. Fritz noticed the orcs’ fatigue, and swiftly closed with the beast. The orc barely had time to turn its head to face this new threat before it was impaled by the preceptors’ lance.
Fritz kicked the lifeless corpse from of his lance. Glaring at Otto he said “Your days at fencing school are over boy. Learn to fight like a real man.”

Another fantastic game! Although I couldn’t drop a single human, it was great to see two fully painted forces square off. For a moment it looked like the knights would be overwhelmed, but the orcs just couldn’t get through that armor. These games move very fast, and are wonderful if you don’t have the time for a full scale battle. In the near future I hope to incorporate some skirmish games into a larger campaign I am working on. Thanks again to John, and to you for reading this.

Johns’ Greatswords of Nuln

I finished painting the engineer and promptly started on the Greatswords. I had no idea there would be so much detail on the older sculpts. It took me a bit longer to paint than I was expecting, but they have so much character I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. One down side is the paint really likes to chip off the old metals.


Originally I had wanted to paint crossed cannons and a skull on the banner, but I couldn’t make it fit. I ended up going with a mortar shell and laurels instead. Since the paint job is a birthday present, I wanted to add a personal touch to the banner. “Happy birthday!” Did not seem like the appropriate slogan for a group of battle hardened madmen wielding claymores, so I decided to paint his birthdate in Roman numerals.

The Greatswords charge into the orcs of the Cracked Skull tribe