Fall 2014 Campaign Part VII

Scenario 6: Warhammer Fantasy Battles 7th Edition

It has been 16 months since I started posting about this Campaign. At long last we reached the final battle. Both lists are approximately 1200-1300pts before applying any bonuses.

The Battle of Iron Crag Hills

In the Autumn of IC 2523 the reinforced remnants of the dwarf mine defenders clashed with a sizable Night Goblin hoard in the Iron Crag Hills, near the Grung Byrn mines. Led by the hated and feared Night Goblin Warboss, Rotfang the Redcap, the greenskins launched an all-out assault on the dwarf defensive line.




General Flakki Skalfsson 

Master Engineer

Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, Brace of Pistols, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Luck, Rune of Stone

Borri Brokkisson 

Thane Battle Standard Bearer

Gromril Armor, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Furry, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Speed

The Grung Byrn Relief Force

  • 20 Dwarf Miners (Warriors), Heavy Armor, Great Weapons, Full Command
  • 10 Thunderers, Shields, Light Armor
  • 10 Quarrelers, Shields, Light Armor
  • 10 Troll Slayers
  • 1 Grudge Thrower, Engineer, Brace of Pistols, Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Penetrating
  • 1 Gyrocopter



General Rotfang the Redcap

Night Goblin Warboss

Light Armor, Shield, Sword of Might, Warboss Imbads Iron Gnashas

Gribnit Picknose

Night Goblin Shaman Level 2

The Horn of Urgok

Bagsocks the Banner Bearer

Night Goblin Battle Standard Bearer

Rowdy Grots’ Big Red Raggedy Banner

Rotfangs’ Rowdy Gitz

  • 31 Night Goblins, Netters, Spears, Shields, 1 Fanatic
  • 30 Night Goblins, Netters, Spears, Shields, 1 Fanatic
  • 20 Night Goblins, Short Bows, 2 Fanatics
  • 2 Units 5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Light Armor, Short Bows, Spears
  • 2 Snottling Bases
  • 6 Squig Hoppers
  • 2 Squig Teams
  • 2 Spear Chukkas


The Battlefield: The battlefield is 72”x48″. The east side of the board should be heavily wooded from north to south. The west side should have several hills in each of the deployment zones and a marsh or shallow pond between them. Place a mine in the center of the northern board edge.

Iron Crags Deployment

Deployment: The Dwarfs deploy within 12″ of the North table edge. The Goblins deploy within 12″ of the South table edge.

Who gets the first turn? The players roll off to decide who gets the first turn. Add +1 to your roll for each hero in your army.

Victory Conditions:The goblin force will retreat if there are no heroes left on the table. The dwarf force will be considered defeated if the goblins have at least two banners in the dwarf deployment zone at the end of turn 8. Also if either side is completely wiped out the victor should be obvious.

How it went down:

The game started out with a flanking force of crossbows pelting the goblin line from the swamp lands to the west, while the rest of the dwarf line opened fire on the advancing greenskins. The wolf riders and squig hoppers advance along the east flank, facing off against the thunderers. the dwarf gyrocopter buzzed across the goblin line triggering fanatics and using its’ steam gun on the night goblin archers in the rear of the army. Rufus the giant charged headlong into the unit of slayers. With a mighty bellow he leaped into the air, preparing to jump up and down on the stunties until they were nothing but a red smear on the grass. However it seems that the delicious dwarf brew had gone straight to his head and he slipped, landing face first in front of them. As he lay on the ground he was hacked to bits by the orange haired maniacs.

The bulk of the infantry met in the middle of the field, the squig herd smashed into the miner unit. The dwarf line faltered for a moment but Borris’ standard filled their hearts with a fiery rage and the dwarfs fought back with such brutality that the herd broke from combat, sending wild squigs bouncing I n all directions. They wrought such mayhem on the field that both sides stood stupefied for several minutes before returning to the carnage. (The squigs broke in then center of both armies and killed the following: 1 Gyrocopter, 5 Night goblins with spears, 4 Night goblins with bows, 4 Miners, 2 Thunderers, 2 dwarf crewmen, 1 wolf rider and 1 very surprised troll!)

The goblin line fought on, nearly breaking the dwarf infantry again and again. The press of bodies forced the dwarfs to sell their lives dearly until only Borri was left standing on a pile of fallen comrades and mutilated goblin corpses. He struck down foe after for, finally meeting Rotfang in mortal combat. The goblin struck out, but his deadly weapon was turned aside by the glow of dwarf runes. Borris blade struck back with lightning speed, severing the goblins’ head from his neck with a violent spout of blood. 

Seeing their generals’ decapitated body was too much. The remaining greenskins broke and ran, leaving the victorious dwarfs to pay homage to their dead in peace. 


Recap: Overall I feel the campaign was a great success. It really felt like things could go either way right up until the end of the final battle. If only old Rufus had smashed those slayers instead of slipping on that damn banana peel, or if I had managed a win in scenario 5, granting my shaman the extra boost he needed to overcome that stubborn dwarf magic resistance. Alas it was not to be. John employed some great strategies and in the end won a well fought battle. I’d love to hear if anyone has tried playing any of these mini games with their gaming group. If not, I hope you still enjoyed reading about ours!


4 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Campaign Part VII”

    1. I love the feel of 6th and 7th edition Warhammer. I started in late 5th, and vividly remember the vast improvements that GW made to the game with advent of 6th. Magic was streamlined, no more card game in the middle of each turn. It was still potent but not ridiculously overpowered like later in 8th. Magic items were toned down, giving rise to a more classicly tactical game. Blocks of average troops could actually win games for you. Range guessing for warmachines and predictable charge ranges are major reasons our group never adopted 8th. I understand that premesuring speeds the game along, but if I’m gaming with my friends in my basement a quick, simple game isn’t the goal. I feel these things bring a lot of depth to the game. You can find all of the rules for Warhammer Skirmish, Warbands, and the 7th edition rule books online for free 🙂

  1. Great finale, I love a good squig rampage! I’ve enjoyed following the campaign and it has always been a great motivator to paint some more of my dwarfs and night goblins. If I manage to get a campaign off the ground sometime, I’d want to give this a play through.

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