Fall 2014 Campaign Part VI

Well dear reader, it has been one hell of a year! I can’t quite believe how quickly time has gone, or how little attention I have given my tiny lead friends.  I hope to finally finish the posting for Part VII of  the campaign in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned 🙂


Scenario 5: Warbands
Defend the Mine
Driven by his shamans’ need for a particularly rare type of mushroom, Rotfang orders a surprise attack on an isolated dwarf mine.
Thane, Gurni Whitebeard, Gromril Armor, Shield, Rune of Stone
2 Units of 5 Quarrelers, Light Armor, Shields
2 Units of 8 Miners, Heavy Armor, Great Weapons
1 Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Brace of Pistols
Night Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, Great Weapon
1 Unit of 20 Night Goblins, Spears and Shields, Standard and Musician, 1 Fanatic
2 Units of 8 Night Goblins, Short Bows
1 Squig Herd, 2 Squig Teams
Dwarfs: If Thane Gurni Whitebeard survives he will accompany the dwarf army in the final battle. He comes with the following equipment: Gromril Armor, Shield, Rune of Stone
Goblins: To hold the mine, the goblins must have an unbroken unit touching the mine with twice the unit strength of the nearest dwarf unit to the mine. If the goblins hold the mine at the end of the battle, Mad Max, a Night Goblin Shaman Level 2 may accompany the army in the final battle, he carries Nibblas ‘Itty Ring; in addition the mine is loaded with magic mushroom mounds. Each Shaman receives D6 Magic Mushrooms


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