Fall 2014 Campaign Part V

Scenario 4: Warbands
Ambush in the Bog
After receiving reports of an increase in goblin activity, a small relief force headed by Runesmith Sven Ironhaft is sent from Karak Hirn to reinforce the mines around Grung Byrn. As they cross through a marshland valley the group is ambushed.

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Runesmith Sven Ironhaft, Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, Rune of Stone
4 Thunderers, Light Armor, Shields
2 Units of 5 Quarrelers, Light Armor, Shields
3 Troll Slayers
Night Goblin Big Boss Skumwort Squigcatcher, Light Armor, Great Weapon
1 Unit of 14 Night Goblins, Spears and Shields, Standard and Musician
2 Units of 8 Night Goblins, Short Bows
5 Squig Hoppers
Stone Troll

The Battlefield: The battlefield is 48”x48”, with woods and hills on the east and west table sides. There is a marsh  roughly in the center.
Deployment: Both side have 48″x12″ deployment zones. The Night Goblins deploy to the north, the dwarfs deploy on the south. The attacking goblins have the first turn.

The game lasts for 8 turns.

Dwarfs: If Runesmith Sven Ironhaft survives the battle you may enlist his services in the final battle. He comes with the following equipment: Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, 2 Runes of Spell Breaking, Rune of Stone, and Rune of Warding
Goblins: If the Stone Troll manages to survive the battle you may enlist his services in the final battle.

Early in the battle two of the slayers were taken out by goblin archers, but the remaining slayer managed to hack apart and chase down one of the archer units before being pin cushioned by their crazed comrades. The troll failed every stupidity test, literally stumbling across the battlefield leaving a trail of drool in his wake. The squig hoppers advanced on the left flank. They moved quickly through the woods before bursting out and routing one unit of quarrelers. The central fight was between the thunderers, joined by Sven, and the larger night goblin unit led by Skumwort. The dwarfs held fast until the squig hoppers smashed into their rear, the ferocity of their attack smashed the dwarfs’ defensive line. In the confusion Sven lost his footing in the bog and was cut down. The remaining dwarfs broke and ran, leaving the night goblins victorious.


Fall 2014 Campaign Part IV

Scenario 3: Skirmish

Underground Break In

As the dwarfs are enjoying a pint of Bugmans’ finest, a huge explosion wracks the mine. Quickly swilling the remaining contents of their mugs they grab their picks and head for the breach.

photo 2

Initial forces:
Dwarfs: 5 Miners
Goblins: 3 Squigs, 3 Night Goblin Squig Herders
Who goes first? The goblin player has the first turn as the dwarfs have only enough time to put down their beers and pick up their weapons.
Movement: All models move a maximum of 6″. You cannot march or charge underground. If a model is brought into base to base contact with an enemy in its normal move it counts as charging. Models can only pass each other in the tight passage ways if there is sufficient room to fit the bases side by side.

photo 3

Dark and Gloomy: Both dwarfs and night goblins are used to subterranean fights. However the dark, cramped spaces make it difficult to use ranged weapons. The max range for all weapons is reduced to 8″. There are no penalties for long range or standing and shooting, penalties for moving and cover still apply. A model armed with a range weapon may elect to stand and shoot only if the enemy model is moving over 3″. A model armed with a missile weapon may shoot into hand to hand combat or past interposing models, but is penalized -1 for each model between it and the target. Additionally if a 1 is rolled on the to hit die, the first friendly model in the missiles’ path is hit instead. Roll to wound as normal.

photo 4

Dwarfs: If one dwarf is able to exit the mine to the upper level he will sound the alarm. At the beginning of the dwarf players next turn he may bring in D3 miners and D3 crossbow dwarfs. These enter from the upper mine entrance along with the dwarf who sounded the alarm. They can move as normal but may not shoot until the following turn.
Goblins: Starting on turn 5 if there are still goblins fighting dwarfs (knocked down or stunned goblins do not count) the second wave of goblins will pour through the breach. Place D3 squigs, D3 herders and D3 night goblins (armed with any mix of short bows or spears and shields) within 6″ of the opening in the wall. They may move, but may not shoot this turn.
Loose Squigs: If a squig is outside of 3″ of a herder at the beginning of the goblin players turn (knocked down or stunned herders do not count) then the squig will go out of control. It will move D6 inches toward the nearest model it can see, friend or foe. If the squig can make contact with a model it counts as charging. Resolve combat as normal. An out of control squig can be wrangled by moving a herder within 3″ of the squig and rolling a 4+ in the goblin players close combat phase.
Dwarfs: Any one unit gains the Flanking Force special rule
Goblins: Any one unit gains the Flanking Force special rule

A Brief Recap:

It has occurred to me I probably should have been giving updates as to how things progressed for me and John. I am playing as the Night Goblins and John is rocking the Dwarfs.

In the first scenario “Bacon and Heads” the dwarfs were caught completely flatfooted. The wolfriders slaughtered most of the dwarf woodsmen before they had time to react. However, one dwarf, henceforth known as Old Smokey made a valiant last stand. He skewered one goblin with a crossbow bolt through the neck, and as the remaining greenskins closed with him he smashed one in the face with his pipe. Sadly, it was not meant to be and he was eventually torn apart by the ravenous wolves, netting me the ability to ambush one unit of wolfriders in the final battle.

In scenario II “Slayer!”. My giant, Massive Marvin was ambushed by a group of troll slayers. After a quick but bloody confrontation Marvin smashed the orange haired stunties and joined the Goblins for a long night of drunken debauchery. I think he may have imbibed a bit too much though as his performance later in the campaign was, shall we say, lackluster.

This brings us to scenario III, “Underground Break In”. Feeling a little over confidant with their recent string of victories, the forces of Rotfang launched an attack on an unsuspecting dwarf mine. The initial wave of squigs rampaged through the mine, nearly routing the miners. However one dwarf managed to sound the alarm, bringing reinforcements from the upper levels. The tunnel fighting was bloody with heavy casualties on both sides, but after the dwarfs managed to kill off the squigs the goblins were easily cleared from the mine. This victory allowed John to give one of his units the Flanking Force special rule.

For this scenario I decided to make my mine tunnels out of a piece of Styrofoam, but you could just as well use a piece of paper with the outlines of the tunnels drawn on.



Fall 2014 Campaign Part III

Scenario 2: Skirmish
Goblins: Giant
Dwarfs: 6 Troll Slayers
See the Warhammer Skirmish Supplement Pg. 36
Dwarfs: Any surviving troll slayers are upgraded to Giant Slayers.
Goblins: After fending off the gang of mohawked hoodlums, Massive Marvin stumbles upon a night goblin party, with some rather tasty fungus brew! The goblin player is allowed a Giant in the final battle.