Fall 2014 Campaign Part II

Scenario 1: Skirmish
Bacon and Heads
At sunrise a small group of dwarfs has gone out to collect fire wood. Unfortunately for them a roving band of wolf riders is out looking for breakfast.
Dwarf Forces: 6 Quarrelers with shields
Goblin Forces: 8 Goblin wolf riders with light armor, spears and short bows
The Battle Field: The battle field is 24”x24”, heavily wooded around the sides, with a clearing roughly 12”x12” in the center.
Deployment: The wolf Riders deploy touching their back edge of the table. The Quarrelers deploy touching their back edge of the table. Roll off to determine who goes first.

Dwarf: After defeating the greenskin scouts, the dwarfs have secured a solid source of timber. They can field two bolt throwers instead of one in the final battle. In addition one unit of quarrelers may be upgraded to rangers, and gain the foresters special rule.
Goblins: After a nutritious yet fatty meal of dwarf flesh, the wolf riders spend the day scouting the terrain. The goblin player may ambush up to two units of 5 wolf riders in the final battle.


2 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Campaign Part II”

    1. Thanks and yes. John and I played through the entire campaign back in October. We rolled off to see who would play what army. I ended up with the Goblins, led by Rotfang the Redcap, and John played the stunties, led by Master Engineer Flakki Skalfsson. In our battle, after a quick but brutal fight the wolves were victorious, granting me a nice bonus in the final clash.

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