All Hallows

The month of October was epically productive as far as gaming is concerned. My girlfriend spent the entire month backpacking in Europe, and while I would have loved to have joined her it wasn’t in the cards this time. However this did give me a ton of free time to model, paint and play. I wrote a six game campaign, fought between the Night Goblin and Dwarf armies. I hope to get the scenarios posted in the upcoming weeks. John played as the stunties and I played as the Greenskins. After we finished that we started on a campaign he wrote. This time he took over control of the Goblins and I played his Empire. We have played quite a few games but it is ongoing. I wanted to do something Halloweenish so I picked up a box of zombies and some old pewter vampires for cheap on Ebay. I know some people don’t like the goofy GW zombies, but I love them. I didn’t quite get around to painting the whole regiment, I still have three left to do, but I am pleased with how they turned out. I am afraid to say that future posts maybe few and far between, as my phone crashes every time I try to open my WordPress app and my computer is subpar. Anyway here are some incredibly late Halloween photos. I hope you enjoy them.

IMG_2090 IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2094 IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2097


5 thoughts on “All Hallows”

  1. I remember these Zombies from the background book I got in my 3rd? edition starter box with lizard men and Bretons. I found them cool at the time and these days they just conjure some nice nostalgic feelings of the time I started out.

    The pantjob on these guys is nice, too, and I could see them being a good match for the Mantic Zombies if you decide to get more undead.

    1. Cool, thank you. Yeah they bring back memories for me too, I’ve always wanted to have a few of them. I am taking a small break from the minis for a while, I have two armies painted and enough random troops to have some fun and fluffy skirmish battles.

  2. Ahh, these guys are hilarious! I know, they’re coming for my brains and all, but the guy on the right in the third to last photo (counting the last two as one) looked like he, uh.. died during a particularly stressful bowel movement, and his face stayed that way until rigor set in…

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