The Mine Tunnels at Grung Byrn

I have been painting like crazy in an effort to complete the dwarf army before October. This past week, as I was writing scenarios for the campaign I am working on, I thought to myself “How can I have dwarfs and night goblins fighting an entire campaign above ground?” I decided I had to take a break from painting bolt throwers and build some sort of underground terrain. I had a big piece of styrofoam laying around and it inspired me to make an underground skirmish board. It’s pretty quick and dirty but it will have to suffice for the time being. IMG_1882.JPG I started by cutting the outlines of the trenches with a sharp blade. Then I used my fingers to break out the majority of the styrofoam, and used the blade to smooth and shape the tops and sides of the walls. Next I smeared drywall plaster all over the inside and let it dry overnight. IMG_1889.JPG The next morning I cut some squares out of cereal boxes, one for the floor in the beer room, and one for the ramp to the upper level. I shaped some sticks to look like supports and stuck them all around along the walls. Next I painted watered down PVA over the entire piece to keep it from melting when I primed it. I used straight PVA along the ground and sprinkled a thick layer of dirt on to it. IMG_1919.JPG

After the glue was dry I primed the whole thing black and let that dry. I used an old blister pack as a pallet and mixed up a brown from red, yellow and blue craft paint. In another blister pack I mixed up a watered down dark grey and painted it on all over, then I added a few splotches of browns where I thought it looked good. I dry brushed a very light grey over this and let the colors blend together a bit. I made a table from the cereal box, and painted some old dwarf standards and glued them to the walls in the beer room. To finish it off I added a few mushrooms here and there, and glued on some flock to act as moss.






IMG_1935-0.JPG I hope to come back to this piece once I have a few more projects under control. I would love to add a few LEDs, maybe model them to look like torches.


10 thoughts on “The Mine Tunnels at Grung Byrn”

  1. This is great! Proof that the best terrain comes from recycled packaging, takes me back to my roots. Those photos of the fierce tunnel fighting make me want to start chopping styrofoam!

  2. Very cool stuff. I love the detail you put into this module (especially the mushrooms and support beams). It is quite true that you can buy all kinds of cool stuff, but it never will be unique or in most cases does not have a nice organic look. I think to achieve this one really needs the hand crafted approach or needs to heavily convert/add detail to a bought piece.

    Anyhow, looking foward to more stuff like this :).

  3. Nice one – this has loads of character and ties in really nicely with both the dwarves and the night goblins. The LED torches is a great idea as well, especially as there isnā€™t often an opportunity for LED work in fantasy terrain.

    1. Thank you! I’m working on a six game campaign based around a night goblin invasion of the Grung Byrn mines, so there will be a report coming up in the next few weeks!

  4. Man, am I ever late to the party on this… In any case, I love seeing more awesome homemade terrain! ^_^ I hope to see your LED plans come to fruition – get that ‘dungeon mood lighting’ going šŸ˜‰

    1. Only a pipe dream the the moment :p. I have been having difficulty making the time to go back and put final touches on things. Once I deem it “good enough”, I tend to just move on to the next thing. Terrain ADHD šŸ™‚ Thanks for keeping it fresh in my mind.

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