Johns’ Greatswords of Nuln

I finished painting the engineer and promptly started on the Greatswords. I had no idea there would be so much detail on the older sculpts. It took me a bit longer to paint than I was expecting, but they have so much character I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. One down side is the paint really likes to chip off the old metals.


Originally I had wanted to paint crossed cannons and a skull on the banner, but I couldn’t make it fit. I ended up going with a mortar shell and laurels instead. Since the paint job is a birthday present, I wanted to add a personal touch to the banner. “Happy birthday!” Did not seem like the appropriate slogan for a group of battle hardened madmen wielding claymores, so I decided to paint his birthdate in Roman numerals.

The Greatswords charge into the orcs of the Cracked Skull tribe


2 thoughts on “Johns’ Greatswords of Nuln”

    1. Thanks Badger! I have to agree with you about plastic. It seems to take me about %25 longer to do the same model in metal. I am working on the marauder miners at the moment, it’s a stretch for me to finish 5 in a week. I kinda miss painting the plastic night goblins, lol.

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