After the mad scramble to finish the goblin army I have moved on to the dwarf force from Karak Hirn. All of the missile troops are done, and I have started on the artillery. For some reason they are taking quite a bit longer than I thought they would. I hope to complete the Grudge Thrower and the entrenchment by the middle of the month, so that will be the next post.

In the mean time I have begun fleshing out my terrain collection. I really want a river for my table, but I decided to start with something a bit smaller and settled on a swamp. I started with some corrugated cardboard cut in a kidney shape and a doughnut cut in a similar shape. I glued these together and stuck both pieces to a sheet of thick card to prevent warping. Then I used drywall plaster to build up the banks, stuck a few rocks here and there, and let it dry overnight. After it was dry I used my finger and a stiff sponge to smooth out the rough areas and used a liberal coat of PVA to stick some dirt and rocks around the banks. Next I primed the whole thing black.


I used cheap craft paint to mix up some dark browns and greens and painted the whole thing with a watered down dark brown, then I painted the sloping sides dark green. I picked out the rocks with a dark grey. Once that had dried, I gave the whole thing a drybrush of light grey. I painted the water a medium blue/brown, gradually adding yellow and a bit of white where I wanted it to look shallower. I added a bit of black to the original blue/brown mix and brushed it on where I thought it would be the deepest. The last step was giving the green sides a coat of PVA and a dusting of flock, and sticking some tufts of grass and reeds around the edges of the water. I used bits of an old broom for the reeds. I added a stick I found on a hike to act as a log. I will add a coat or two of gloss varnish to make the water reflective, and maybe a skull or frog to give it some character.


I am fairly pleased with the result. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make Lilly pads or swampy plants?


6 thoughts on “Quagmired”

  1. Nice swamp you have there, I keep meaning to get round to making one for my God Of Battles terrain. On the subject of lily pads, I saw a nice tip in one of my old copies of White Dwarf in which it said to paint a piece of paper varying shades green and use a hole punch to create them, you can then just sprinkle them into the varnish or water effect you are using. It looks rather effective in the photos.

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