Johns’ Greatswords of Nuln

I finished painting the engineer and promptly started on the Greatswords. I had no idea there would be so much detail on the older sculpts. It took me a bit longer to paint than I was expecting, but they have so much character I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. One down side is the paint really likes to chip off the old metals.


Originally I had wanted to paint crossed cannons and a skull on the banner, but I couldn’t make it fit. I ended up going with a mortar shell and laurels instead. Since the paint job is a birthday present, I wanted to add a personal touch to the banner. “Happy birthday!” Did not seem like the appropriate slogan for a group of battle hardened madmen wielding claymores, so I decided to paint his birthdate in Roman numerals.

The Greatswords charge into the orcs of the Cracked Skull tribe


Master Engineer Flakki Skalfsson

This was one of the first dwarf heroes I bought, I picked it up at the beginning of 6th edition. As with a lot of my dwarf army, I never got around to painting him, he just sat in my foam case for years. I was going to use my thane as the general for this army, but it just seemed to fit the fluff better for an engineer to be in charge of some miners and artillery. So I knuckled down and got some color on him.
Here is a close up of his hammer (I still paint my gems like I did in 1999). IMG_1684.PNG

Warhammer Skirmish: The Griffins’ Nest

John and I managed to get a few games of Warhammer Skirmish in on Saturday. We play very informally, no points values, we just throw down what looks good and makes sense for what ever back story we make up.

For this game we decided that a griffin had ransacked an isolated alpine dwarf mining camp. After destroying the black powder stores, and feasting on the dairy goat, the griffin found Freyja, the camp brew frau, and kidnapped her. Returning from a long day of mining, the dwarfs discovered the carnage, and worse, the brewmaster was missing! Around the same time, a wandering giant slayer named Lokki the Unlucky strolled into the decimated camp. Thrilled at the idea of meeting a glorious death, Lokki joined the rescue party. Enraged by the thought of impending sobriety, the dwarfs set out to slay the monster and rescue Freyja.

The forces were as follows:

1 Giant Slayer

1 Prospector

4 Miners

5 Crossbow Dwarfs


1 Imperial Griffin

IMG_1606.JPGThe dwarfs tracked down the beast at its’ nest. Lokki charged out ahead of the rest of the dwarfs, yelling oaths and curses as the griffin leaped into the air.

IMG_1608.JPGThe griffin dove at Lokki, ripping the dwarf apart in a spray of blood and gore.

IMG_1610.JPGThe miners rushed the distracted griffin, the crossbow dwarfs surrounded their quarry and began firing bolts at it.

IMG_1613.JPGProspector Thori swung his heavy pick, it made contact, slamming into the creatures’ chest. With a deafening screech the griffin flew into the air, the great gust of wind from its’ wings knocked two dwarfs to the ground. Crashing back to earth, two miners were caught in its’ crushing talons. Before the remaining miners had a chance to react, its’ claws ripped through their heavy mail, spilling more dwarf blood. Thori parried a strike, but his pick was wrenched from his hands, a second blow caught him in the head. He slumped to the ground in a crumpled heap.

IMG_1614.JPGWith all of the miners dead or bleeding out on the grass, the griffin focused its’ attention on the nearest crossbow dwarf, decapitating him with a snap of his beak.

IMG_1616.JPGTurning from its’ kill, the beasts’ eyes locked on Dorin. As the griffin flew at Dorin, a crossbow bolt caught the it under the wing. A spasm of pain shot through its’ body. The behemoth let out a ear piercing cry as it crashed into the earth, bowling over Dorin, and knocking the dwarf out cold.

IMG_1624.JPGTwo bolts slammed into the creatures flank. Shrieking and thrashing wildly, the beast flung the nearest dwarf, Gargrim, to the ground.

IMG_1625.JPGWith a sickening crunch Folki saw Gargrim crushed beneath the monstrosity. Folki raised his crossbow and fired a bolt. The monster reared as the shaft sank deep into its’ eye. Its’ death scream turned to a wheezing gurgle as it toppled to the ground.

Blood began pooling around its’ corpse as Folki made his way to the nest. The ground surrounding it was littered with bones and scraps of rotting flesh. The vile stench threatened to overwhelm him. Shouldering his weapon he peered over the edge, he could see the form of Freyja laying among the branches. Her golden hair was matted with blood, but he could see she was still breathing…

This game was a ton of fun. I really thought the griffin was going to take the day, as shot after shot failed to wound him. John was a great sport, allowing me to shoot at the griffin even when he was engaged in combat. The only catch being if a one was rolled to hit, the bolt hit one of the dwarfs instead. I just love close games like this. If that crossbow bolt had not wounded it, the griffin would have torn the last living dwarf to ribbons in the following turn. Grungni was with them this fight. Many thanks to John for bringing his imperial griffin model, and the hard cider.

Urk Grund

Urk Grund, or “Orc Hammer” in the tongue of men, is over five centuries old. Inscribed with powerful magic runes, Urk Grund has kept watch over the mountain pass leading to Karak Hirn for the last two hundred years. Constructed in I.C. 2000 during the reign of King Mendol Garilsson, this stone thrower has destroyed countless enemies. Named for its performance at the battle of the Twisted Crags, Engineer Skalf Longpipe managed to land a stone directly on Warboss Gorak Blackclaw, turning the huge orc into a gruesome smear, and routing his army. Urk Grund is now under the command of Skalfs’ son, Master Engineer Flakki. He, along with Borri Brokkisson, have assumed leadership of a small force of miners and artillery bound for Grung Byrn with the hope of clearing a goblin infestation in the mines.






I was hoping to finish master engineer Flakki who accompanies the stone thrower, but instead here is a work in progress shot of him. I will complete him by the end of the weekend, as I told my friend John that I would paint his front rank of Empire Great Swords as a birthday gift and I need to get started on them.



After the mad scramble to finish the goblin army I have moved on to the dwarf force from Karak Hirn. All of the missile troops are done, and I have started on the artillery. For some reason they are taking quite a bit longer than I thought they would. I hope to complete the Grudge Thrower and the entrenchment by the middle of the month, so that will be the next post.

In the mean time I have begun fleshing out my terrain collection. I really want a river for my table, but I decided to start with something a bit smaller and settled on a swamp. I started with some corrugated cardboard cut in a kidney shape and a doughnut cut in a similar shape. I glued these together and stuck both pieces to a sheet of thick card to prevent warping. Then I used drywall plaster to build up the banks, stuck a few rocks here and there, and let it dry overnight. After it was dry I used my finger and a stiff sponge to smooth out the rough areas and used a liberal coat of PVA to stick some dirt and rocks around the banks. Next I primed the whole thing black.


I used cheap craft paint to mix up some dark browns and greens and painted the whole thing with a watered down dark brown, then I painted the sloping sides dark green. I picked out the rocks with a dark grey. Once that had dried, I gave the whole thing a drybrush of light grey. I painted the water a medium blue/brown, gradually adding yellow and a bit of white where I wanted it to look shallower. I added a bit of black to the original blue/brown mix and brushed it on where I thought it would be the deepest. The last step was giving the green sides a coat of PVA and a dusting of flock, and sticking some tufts of grass and reeds around the edges of the water. I used bits of an old broom for the reeds. I added a stick I found on a hike to act as a log. I will add a coat or two of gloss varnish to make the water reflective, and maybe a skull or frog to give it some character.


I am fairly pleased with the result. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make Lilly pads or swampy plants?