Squiggly Beasts!!!

I’m getting so close to completing the Night Goblin army, one more unit down! I couldn’t decide if I should go with the standard red, or a multicolored approach on the Squigs. In the end I went with a mix of the classic killer tomatoes red and a brightly colored, carnivalesque medley. I have not play tested the army list yet, so I don’t know how well I can expect this unit to perform. I think for maximum effect I will need to bulk it out to four squig teams total. Keep in mind I am exclusively playing 7th edition, so small units are still viable (unless they get decimated by shooting). Hopefully the next update will be the final Night Goblin entry, I will post pictures of all the units, as well as the army list. I would love to hear what you think, comment below if you feel so inclined.





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