Rotfangs’ Night Goblins of Grung Byrn

A member of the Crooked Moon tribe, Rotfang the Redcap is a cunning and treacherous goblin boss. After leading a series of successful raids on dwarf mines in the Worlds Edge Mountains, Skarsnik of the Eight Peaks himself ordered Rotfang to lead a campaign of carnage in the Grey Mountains. After securing a foothold in the dwarf mines at Grung Byrn, Rotfang has been using the skaven and dwarf tunnel systems to launch devistating raids on the surrounding area. Pillaging as far north as Gunere, in Bretonnia, and as far south as the dwarf hold of Karak Grom. It was here that Rotfang got his name “The Redcap”.  After slaying Thane Skaggi Goldtooth, he soaked his hood in the young dwarfs blood and wore it into combat against Skaggis’ father, Lord Hildir Starhammer at the battle of West Vaults, Imperial year 2522.


Rotfang the Redcap
Night Goblin Big Boss (84pts)
Light Armor, Shield
The Horn of Urgok
Sneaky Skewerer

Gribnit Picknose
Night Goblin Shaman Lv. 2 (130pts)
The Pipes of Doom
(1) Magic Mushroom

Mad Max
Night Goblin Shaman Lv. 2 (135pts)
Nibblas’ Itty Ring
(3) Magic Mushrooms

Rotfangs’ Rowdy Rabble
30 Night Goblins (200pts)
Spears, Shields, Nets, 1 Fanatic, Full Command

Da Stunty Stickaz
31 Night Goblins (204pts)
Spears, Shields, Nets, 1 Fanatic, Full Command

Da Bad Moon Boyz
20 Night Goblins (130pts)
Short Bows, 2 Fanatics, Full Command

Rotfangs’ Raidaz
2 Units of 5 Goblin Wolf Riders (152pts)
Spears, Short Bows, Light Armor, Musician

Meatz for Munchin’
2 Snotling Bases (40pts)

Rotfangs’ Crittaz
2 Squig Teams (60pts)

Da Bouncin’ Bone Breakaz
6 Squig Hoppers (90pts)

Mork & Gorks’ Deth Dartz
2 Goblin Spear Chukkas (70pts)

Massive Marvin
Giant (205pts)

TOTAL: 1500pts

“Stab ’em wiv yer spears, slash ’em wiv yer knives, scalp their beards an’ gut their wives!”-Rotfang the Redcap, at the slaughter of Winters’ Teeth Pass (IC 2523)-


Squiggly Beasts!!!

I’m getting so close to completing the Night Goblin army, one more unit down! I couldn’t decide if I should go with the standard red, or a multicolored approach on the Squigs. In the end I went with a mix of the classic killer tomatoes red and a brightly colored, carnivalesque medley. I have not play tested the army list yet, so I don’t know how well I can expect this unit to perform. I think for maximum effect I will need to bulk it out to four squig teams total. Keep in mind I am exclusively playing 7th edition, so small units are still viable (unless they get decimated by shooting). Hopefully the next update will be the final Night Goblin entry, I will post pictures of all the units, as well as the army list. I would love to hear what you think, comment below if you feel so inclined.