2014 Painting Challenge

This year I set a very challenging goal of having around 6000pts painted by January 1, 2015. Considering I have not yet finished a complete army, this may have been an overly ambitious goal.
This project is spread over three races, comprising of four army lists. 1500 points of each of the following: Dwarfs, Orcs, Night Goblins, and Bretonnians. Not surprisingly I am behind schedule. The Night Goblin force is getting close. One squig team, a hopper and some chukkas left. The Orcs need about 30 more rank and file models plus cavalry. I had to change things up, as painting green skin, red eyes, and checkers was starting to wear on me.
To keep things interesting, I started painting a few Dwarf slayers back in March. I have about 20 Dwarf models done so far, and I just started the last five thunderers today.
I was inspired to put some color on some Bretonnians after playing a game of Warhammer skirmish. If you haven’t played before, there are a ton of free PDFs online. It uses 6th edition core rules, which may be slightly different if you are used to 8th edition, but really it’s quite simple and tons of fun. Here are a few pictures from the Slayer! scenario (pg. 42). This game was played back in May. After tearing through the troll slayers, this giant proceeded to brutalize a group of waywatchers before being slain by a Bretonnian paladin.





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